Privat Label-Multi-Marketing Level- Direct Sale Marketing for SKIN CARE PRODUCTS:

MLM Cosmetics Manufacturer is Contracting Company approach to PL-MLM-DSM skin care is simple, yet savvy. We provide on-trend, on-target solutions for branding and customizing exclusive physician dispensed skin care products to medical professionals &PL-MLM-DSM by offering the option of: dispensing products with a customized your logo or physician’s logo and label or dispensing the products using our brand or your label. With either option, MLM Cosmetics Manufacturer helps you add private label, multi-level & direct sale marketing skin care – for your business and patients needs.

MLM Cosmetics Manufacturer Contracting Manufacturer produces advanced medical grade formulas that combine patented complexes and botanical blends, while avoiding parabens, synthetic fragrances and alcohols for results-based private label options.

Additionally, our in-house compounding pharmacy adheres to the highest industry standard of quality assurance, while our manufacturing partner abides by the strictest GMP compliant processes with detailed SOPs. The quality of our products is of the highest importance. We have an in-house quality control team that conducts rigorous product testing for both purity and performance.

Getting started is an easy 3-step process. You will be assigned a MLM Cosmetics Manufacturer Contracting Manufacturer- Account Representative to help you every step of the way – from selecting a product mix, to designing or picking your custom logo and label to approving the artwork and waiting for your first shipment to arrive. The minimum opening order is low and we would be happy to help you select your first products. The process is quick and easy and you can be up and running in a matter of weeks. After you receive your first shipment of products, our relationship doesn’t stop there. Our highly trained representative have a first-hand knowledge of your marketplace and customers and can teach you more about product ingredients so you can make the best product recommendation to your clients. This hands on training is invaluable and is what keeps our customers coming back for new products every year.

Here are products for you and your company consider:

  • Ant-Aging Solutions
  • Acne Solutions
  • Cleaners & Toner Solutions
  • Hair Loss Solutions
  • Mositerizer & Eye Care Solutions
  • Skin Lightening Solution
  • Mask & Scrubs Solutions
  • Sun Care Solutions